lördag 30 november 2013

Mill Springs book review

I have now read the book "The battle of Mill Springs Kentucky" written by Stuart W. Sanders. It was a good read were you got some information about some of the regiments that was involved. As a reader you get a background history about why it was a battle at all, always interesting to get to know why a battle took place. You get some information about armament and uniforms but I would have liked more of it. As a wargamer I always search for information of that sort so I can use it when I paint my miniatures. Sanders write well and it is easy to read the book. But I can't understand why he didn't include more maps were I could follow what was happening in his text. I am a sucker for maps and always have my index finger between the pages whit maps and then I flipp back and forth in the book to get a view of whats happening.
Over all a good book that would have been so much better with more maps. If you are interested in the American Civil War this is a nice book to have on the shelf and not that expensive. One thing the struck me when I read the book is how quarrelsome the generals are and how they try to manipulate so they get most of the glory.

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