fredag 21 februari 2014

How to make a base

Hi again

The union have now got some more troops. I had forgot that the cavalry could dismount so I still need to do some dismounted cavalry. The bases are done and I thought that I would tell you how I do this. 
Here are the finished division commander. But he is not ready for the board just jet. So here we go:
All the bases on the miniature are done. Now starts the making of the larger base were I can put my labels. 
I start with cutting out some OH-paper to the base sizes I intend to use.
I will cover the larger base with this OH-paper with some super glue. Important here is to not get glue were the labels are going to be. I always paint the place for the label. Blue for the union and grey for the confederate.
You see here how I try to keep the glue at the front of the base. After this I glue the base with miniatures on this base. Same here keep the glue at the front!
Now I have a lip at the back of the base were I can put the label I need dependent on the scenario.
I can also mark the base with an OH-penn. 

This time I used a different kind of base that made this process more easy. Earlier  I have used a base made of white plastic that I needed to paint the edges on and cut to size. Now I bought bases from Pendraken and they are excellent. The edges are a bit darker and the base is about 1mm higher but I can live with that ;). Here are a final picture of all the new troops.
Now it is time to start preparing the confederate troops that I need. But I have also put a flag on some confederate troops to HRR to. 

That was all for now. The labels to Corinth are all but done. I will give you a picture as fast as I have one.

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söndag 16 februari 2014

Thinking ahead

My house is in chaos still and my wargame room  aka "The Bunker" are up side down and therefore I have trouble to work on my project for GothCon. I have managed to salvage some items up in the house so I can paint and base some miniatures anyway. But the board has been put on hold at the moment. Hopefully my basement will be finished at the end of next week and life return to normal pace.

But now to the headline of this post. I have already decided what the next project are going to be after GothCon2014. The project will then be the demo I will show up at GothCon2015. If all goes faster than I plan maybe I can show it at Gubbspels Galore 2014, but I think that can be difficult.
Anyway the new project are one that I have thought of a long time and it is Naval and river combat with Ironclads and ships. I asked a question at the forums at The Miniatures Page about rules and got many, many answers, thanks to the kind gentlemen. I also found some blogs about this topic and darn there are many talented war gamers out there!
For the moment I am reading rules and searching for miniatures. There are many good companies in the US making fine looking boats. But, and that is a large BUT, it is very expensive to order from Europe with tax and shipping etc. So at the moment I am looking at Peter Pigs range 7 that have nice looking boats and accessories like forts and land batteries. The rules I read are at the moment are River Wars by Bob Johnson. They have a nice lay out and are easy to read.

The second rule set are Victory on the River by David Manley. I have not read that much of them so can't say so much. But I got them for free on the internet. I am also thinking about buying the rules from Peter Pig, Hammerin  Iron 2.

Well time will tell what rules I will go for. There are a lot of rules out there and I am still looking and reading reviews etc.

Here are some pictures from Peter Pigs range. I have taken the photos from their webbsite so they are not mine.

The work will now continue with basing of the union troops and I can soon show you some picture of them. The labels to the Corinth scenario are also soon ready to use and I will let you all have a sneak peak of them to :). Some more troops have landed in my mailbox to so now I can make 10 brigades more for the union and the confederates.

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söndag 9 februari 2014

Work on all fronts

At the moment there are work on all fronts. My basement are at the moment a workplace and in my garden I have an excavator digging all along my house to improve the drainage. This makes it difficult for me to get to my bunker and work on the board and miniatures to GothCon.

But all is not lost and some work has been done and GothCon draws near...
Here you have the board with hills and edges to the streams done.
Here I have used wall filler to smooth the edges.

The difficulty now will be how to make a railroad that fits the board. I have some ideas and have got some good advices at some forums. Oh well that comes later. Anyone have a good idea about this please write a comment about it.

I have done little on the bases for my union troops but have none the less made some small progress.
All bases has got some gravel on them and I have started to paint them. I also started to do some new labels for the scenario. I am trying to make them more clear as of what formation the different brigades belongs to. I will put up pictures of them when I have some.

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lördag 1 februari 2014

Work progress on Corinth

The work on the Corinth board has started for real now. With 75 days until GothCon I need to speed up some if I am going to make it all ready. I use white glue and gravel to get an edge to the streams. Then I will use some filler to get a smooth transition to the board. The hills I make with cardboard in layers. Then I will use filler to smooth the hills. O well need to make some defences to and I still have to do the missing troops. The basing continues with the union force and the confederates are being prepared to be painted. Here are some pictures of the work in progress. I am also preparing a how to of how I do my bases for Volley & Bayonet. 
Well white glue and gravel as promised.
This is how it looks after I remove the gravel.
Here you see the rivers are almost done. The glue on the hills need to dry before I can start applying the filler. This time I am also trying to do the board in pieces for easy of transport and storage. My Bull Run board is rather large and therefore difficult to store ;)

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