onsdag 27 november 2013

How to make a base...

I like to paint miniatures. The miniature mind you! Then comes the pain of making bases for the miniatures. In my time as a wargamer I don't think I have done a single base that I am satisfied with. If I could get away with not doing bases at all I would be a happier wargamer. But bases we have to our miniatures so bases we must do...

I have now done three bases in my Mill Springs project. I go with the classic darker brown base and add some grass on top. I don't like static grass, I use it but I do not like it! I tested another variant this time that was a bit easier to apply to the base. To my larger miniatures I have found the grass tuft from Army Painter and I LOVE them. Very easy to use to good effect but they are to large for 10mm. I will use them on 15mm miniatures thou. Well I will give you some pictures of the new bases. The miniatures are not yet matt varnished so they are a bit shiny. 

Please fell free to leave comments or suggestions on what you think. Cheerful yells of appreciation on the fine bases will also work ;).

Roll Sixes/

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