onsdag 4 december 2013

Memory lane pt 2

Well it is time to tell you all about the history about the 15mm revolution. At a time I left my home town to study at the university. I was studying to be a teacher. I left my friends to break new ground  for my self. In this process my fascination for ACW was forgotten for a time and my 28mm soldiers was left in a box. My friend who had painted the union side in the conflict kept his soldiers in his home, probably in a box to... Then I saw North and South again and my interest in the conflict was woken again. But wargamer as I am I can't just dig out the old miniatures and have a go. No, no, no new scale, new rules. At this time internet started to open up international trading and small web shops started to see the day. Yes I am that old...
I found out about the rules Fire & Fury and bought them. Nice rules and well produced. Then I stumbled on Peter Pig and their range for ACW and ordered a lot of miniatures, for now it was on again. The problem was that I was all alone in the project and F&F demands many miniatures to play. I have probably painted 200-300 miniatures but that is only 4-5 brigades a side. Hardly enough for Gettysburg... I admit it, I got tired of it and put it all in a box. Not because I thought the rules was bad or anything. But the sheer weight of all that was to be done by my self was a bit to much. So now I had a lead mountain of 28mm and 15mm.
The rules and the scenario book of the eastern battles.
Some of the troops I have painted. Here are two close ups.

Roll Sixes/

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