lördag 23 november 2013

Battle at Kernstown

Today I was in Mölndal and played a game of Hardees Regimental Rules (HRR) with the authors of the rules and some friends to them. The scenario was set in the Shenandoah valley and Jackson had the orders to destroy a brigade of union troops near the town of Kernstown. Jackson had 3 brigades and some artillery at his disposal. I don't know the union orders since I played as confederate. It was a game were the authors was leading the game and units could be hidden and placed on the board when the enemy first saw them. This worked best for the union since they were defending.  It is really much more fun when you don't really know what you are facing and you need to adapt you plans by the knowledge you have of the field and what happens. My initial plan was to deploy my brigade at one place but ended up way of since union troops forced me to deploy earlier, loved it! My brigade tried to dislodge union troops on a hill and it was hard fighting for the hill. I sadly had to leave before the battle was done but I had a really great time while it lasted. I hope I can go up there again soon and have another go at it.
The rules needs getting used to since the standards like I go you go etc doesn't apply. But it is good rules that I think works really well for this scale. You can fairly easy command about 10 regiments and some artillery. The difficulty here is not to make it to rules heavy and I think that they are well on their way to that point.
Some pictures from the battle:
The battlefield.
The lead regiments of Jacksons command.
The confederates form a battle line in shelter of Kernstown.
The attack on the hill goes in with guns blazing!

Roll sixes/

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