onsdag 20 november 2013

Bloody lane or Memory lane?

If I may chose I will pick memory lane... I have always been interested of The American Civil War. I can't remember why but I think it have something to do with the tv show "How the west was won" and the tv show "North and South". Anyway, me and my best friend at the time ran in to some rules and miniatures set in the civil war during a convention in Borås. This was about 24 yeras ago... ;). The rules was at skirmish level and the scale 28mm. The name of the rules is "Bonnie Blue". At the time I did not really know were the name came from, but I do now. We played this game a lot in my friends basement and the armies grew larger. We lost our interest in the rules and moved on to more easy pickings like GW (Aaargghh). Many of us have done the journey down the GW highway at some point...
My fascination of the civil war never left me thou and I have tried some more rules, but more on that later. Here are some photos of the early miniatures. They are now part of my sons collection since he wanted some miniatures to. But they are painted by me for some 24 years ago.
The rules and some miniatures. You only needed about 10 miniatures per side.
This was more than enough for an evenings play!
I have rebased them a few times. The one at the top are based with the top of the art basing technics of the time. Paint green and drybrush with yellow ;).

Roll Sixes!

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