måndag 4 november 2013

More projects on the horizon..

Well, like many out there I am a person that have difficulties to stay with only one project at a time. These days I am happy if I can keep the number of projects down to 4 or less… Anyway this new project are not so new and is in the same sphere as Mill Springs. For the last years I have arranged some demo games at a convention in Gothenburg called GothCon. This year I did a scenario set at Bull Run 1861 with the rules Volley & Bayonet RtG. Next year I will set up the scenario Second battle of Corinth 1862. It is in line with Mill Springs as it is on the same historical period, American Civil War. The difference between the rules are that Volley & Bayonet are at brigade level which means that a base of infantry are a brigade of infantry. The Mill Springs scenario are set at a regimental level which leaves me as a commander with other problems to solve.

The Corinth scenario will not take so much effort to complete since most of the troops already are painted and done. Some complements must be done thou. The big part is to make the battlefield.

Here are some pictures of some of the troops I will use in this scenario:

I have done the bases in a way that I can put labels on them so I can use them in different battles.

Well now I will go back to the bunker and continue to base coat the next regiment for Mill Springs and plan for how I will build the battlefield for Corinth.

Roll Sixes/

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