söndag 17 november 2013

Reinforcement coming up!

Well the second regiment is now done for Mill Springs. I streamlined the uniforms a bit this time to make it a little bit faster to paint. When you read painting guides almost every one says that you should start with the skin. This is a good point but I always make the skin last, except for the metal parts... Why I do this you ask? Well the miniature can look mediocre and not that good and then the skin colours comes on and POW you have miniature soldiers worth his paint!
 Here are a pictures with out skin tones.
And here they are with skin tones and starting to look the part...

I will also give you some pictures on the new regiment. The banner shall be applied tomorrow. They are very shiny since I gloss varnished them today. The matt varnish will be applied when the bases are done.
I give you the 19th Tennessee!
Here is a close up on one of the stands

Roll Sixes!

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