måndag 14 juli 2014

The Heroes emerge

Well hello again

Now the heroes for my skirmish bands are done. My 25mm Dixon re-painting has taking over a bit on the painting table. This happens to me a lot, a project starts off as a side show to do when I need some distraction from the ordinary painting and then I find my self doing more on that project than the one I was supposed to do. Anyway at the moment I have prepared to do some more 10mm so I finally can do a play test of "Alter of Freedom". At least the labels for the Second battle of Corinth are done.

Here are some pictures of the heroes...

I also needed some characters that I could use in some scenarios. I had three miniatures at home from Wargames Foundry. They were meant to be for London 1890-ish but I thought that I could use them anyway so I went for it. The miniatures are a bit larger than the Dixon ones but since I base them individually I think it will work ok. One is done and the other two are to be base coated.
I call him "The Imp". A fun miniature to paint with a lot of character to him. I went for neutral colors so I could use him for both sides. The same will go for the other two.
Then I wanted to do some cards for the rules "Bonnie Blue". When the rules came out 1992 you had a A5 sheet were you recorded what you needed to during the game, like ammo, action points and wounds. I wanted to have cards for each character so I made some. I still need some more cards but most of them are done.
I like to have the different things in my games to have the same theme. So I made to dice boxes that I could use to roll dice in. One for the union and one for the confederates. I also got some new dice for them. The colors is not right. I wanted a color more of olive green but it will do for now.

Here are also some labels I have done to the scenario second battle of Corinth for "Alter of Freedom"

Thats all for now. Until next time...

... Roll sixes!


lördag 5 juli 2014

No time for the summer time blues

O well, same thing every year. Vacation and I always think that, now, NOW! I will get a lot done with my miniatures project. And every year are realize that it is not going to happen. The family goes on day trips and I own a house and there is always things to be done. But now and then I get to go down to the bunker and put some paint on the miniatures. At the I am working on some things that are not ACW. When I do paint some ACW it has been 25mm miniatures. I am doing some character miniatures that I can use in some skirmish gaming. Sadly I don´t have any terrain for 25mm yet and will have to do some to get to game with them. I have a scenario in mind and will do it as fast as I can. I will play the same scenario with three different rule sets and then present the results here.
I have completed the re-painting of one confederate cavalry miniature. It was fun to paint but the horse have strange proportions. But they are Dixon both of them so here they are.

The naval project slowly make progress but it was more difficult than I thought it would be. The first misstake that I did was to put the masts in place before painting. Now they are in the way all the time.

I have started to do the HQ bases for Alter of Freedom rules and hopefully I will be able to test them out in a couple of weeks.

Here are some pictures of my 25mm that are done for now.

At the painting table now with my 25mm in mind are some characters in the form of officers. One for each side. I also have some civilians that I will paint. They are from The Foundry but will do as special characters before I get hold on some civilians from Dixon. The one to the left will be a confederate officer and the union will get the one to the right. They were both painted about 20 years ago.

Until next time...

Roll Sixes/