söndag 27 oktober 2013

A bit of progress...

Well a week has gone by and I have had the opportunity to paint a bit on the 15th Mississippi. I am going for the ragged generic look on them so I can use them in later battles to. Here are some in progress photos.

I have left to paint the haversacks white, some leather brown, metal and flesh and they are done to base. Will try to paint the white tonight.


lördag 19 oktober 2013

Production line!

The production line is in effect! I will start with the 15th Mississippi infantry regiment of about 850 men. In the rules one base of infantry is 120 men so the regiment will be seven bases strong. I always have a base coat of brown. It gives the colours a nice tone and some shadowing.
Well back to the paint desk. Will try to post something of the progress next weekend.

To start a project

I recived an order for some books and miniatures yesterday. This was the start of a new project about recreating the battle of Mill Springs in miniatures. It will be set in a regimental scale. The idea for this came when I talked to two nice gentlemen on a conventon, Gubbspels Galore, in Gothenburg. They were there showing some rules they were writing on. I got inspired since ACW is a period I am very interested in. I all ready have a project in the period in the form of Volley & Bayonet. But this is on brigade level and I wanted to do regimental level to, hence the start of this new project.