tisdag 25 mars 2014

New markers

The work to be ready for GothCon continues. Soon the battlefield will be done and I have started to do the defenses that surrounded the town of Corinth. On the battlefield I still have to do the rest of the railroads and then paint the sides of the board black.
Here is a picture of the board and you can also see were the defenses will be. I have come a bit further than the picture suggest. The roads and streams are all done and even the gloss varnish on the streams are applied :)

In Volley & Bayonet a brigade can be disordered and then permanent disordered. Earlier I have shown the status of a brigade with beads. A yellow bead för disorder and then a red bead for the permanent disorder. The beads have worked fine but they leave some wishes about the visual appearance of the game. So I have started to do some new markers for the game. Inspired by the rules "Alter of Freedom". The disorder marker will be a fallen soldier on a round base. None of these are done yet but I have prepared the miniatures. Then we have the permanent disorder which is a banner fallen to the ground on a round base. We all know that it is worse to lose the banner than a few soldiers... I hope these new markers will improve the visual appearance of the game and don´t hinder the game to much. To much clutter on the game board can slow down the game. But the only difference here is that the new markers are bigger than the beads.
And at last some picture of the new markers.
Here is a union brigade that has both a disorder and a permanent disorder marker on it in the bead form... The disorder marker can the brigade recover from but the permanent marker can as it name suggests never be removed and the brigade lose its effectiveness because of it. 
Here are two pictures of the new permanent disorder markers that I have done. I have at the moment only twelve done, six for each side. I need to do some more but don´t have bases too do it so I need to order some more.

The marker can be laid behind the brigade or on the label on the base. I can also fit two markers on top of a base. 

Well that was all for now so until then...

...Roll sixes!


onsdag 19 mars 2014

Train are running down the track

Hi all

Just a quick note on the progress of the board. I have now started on the railroad for real. It is done on one off the pieces and now I only have to clip some more little sticks to use as  sleepers that the track from wire can rest on.

Here are two pictures of the progress. At the moment two pieces of the board are done and I have now started to paint the edges black on them. On the other two I am still on the roads, but one of the tracks on one piece are almost done.

Tuuu! Tuuu! I can hear the train coming down the tracks... (sorry about that...)

I have also started on some new markers for Volley & Bayonet and Alter of Freedom. I will show you some pictures when I have them.

Roll sixes/


torsdag 13 mars 2014

Slowly taking shape

The work on the Corinth board continues. I have now made a descision on the railroad and are going to build it directly on the board. The painting off the open fields and the woods are done and I have started on the roads. I am also planing on how to make the defence systems that was built around Corinth. They will be removable so I can use them in other scenarios.
My work table all cluttered with work material.
Close up on one of the four parts that will be the battlefield of Corinth.
Two of them togheter so you can see how they fit.
The start of my railroad. I will try to use some wire for the tracks.

I am along with this process also thinking about making terrain in a more traditional way. That is terrain pieces that I can put on the table in different ways to create new battlefields.

Here is a last shot on the confederates waiting to get some paint on them.
Two batteries, one cavalry and one dismounted cavalry. Not that much...

Roll Sixes/

onsdag 5 mars 2014

Bobby Lee

Some time ago I found a kickstarter for Columbia Games Bobby Lee 3rd edition. It looked good and before I knew it I was on. And today it arraived in my mail box, Bobby Lee! I opened the box and have now prepared everything to be able to start playing. But now it has to wait a bit so I can continue to prepare for GothCon. The rules are by my bed so I at least can read them before I sleep. The rulebook is only 12 pages and have a good layout and language so I don't think it will be that difficult to get going.
At last two pictures of the game:

I will try to return to this game later on to tell you all about it and what I think of it.

Roll Sixes/

söndag 2 mars 2014

Labels, paint and stress

Hello all

Well the work continues but not at the speed that I had hoped for. The renovation of the basement takes its time and the garden looks like the no mans land during world war one. But I have started to paint the Corinth board. I still have a problem with how I will make some railroads. There is companies that sell railroads but then comes the problem of making them fit the board. At the moment I am thinking about cutting a lot of toothpicks and start glueing... oh well we will see what happens in due time.
The labels on the other hand are going fine and they are done. There will be some small adjustments when I find them. They are difficult to get right since the armies involved had a complicated structure since the north had two armies intermingled and the same in the south. But I think I have a nice set up of it now.
Here you have a picture of some of the labels. I always try to find pictures of the commanding officers since I think it improves the labels some. I also have all information on the labels that the players need. DG for example stands for Dedicated Guns. The number in the square just to the right of the nations flag is the moral value for the brigade and so on. The color at the bottom of the label shows what corps or in this case what army the brigade belongs to. The number in the colored space to the right of the label are what division the troops belongs to. 

It is 46 days to GothCon and I still need to paint and base the last confederates that I need. I have prepared them so I hope I will manage to get the painting going this week. The Corinth board must be done to. So a bit stress there is but I am fortunate to have a week of from work just before GothCon so I am not that worried just jet. 

I have completed the book "A landscape turned red" to. It was a good read and even that you know how the battle went you hade some Aha experiences. So I recommend the book for all that are interested in the american civil war to read!

Next time I hope I have some pictures of the board to show you all, but until then...

Roll Sixes/