fredag 1 november 2013

Rebel Yell!

The first regiment for Mill Springs is done, well the miniatures anyway ;). The bases need to be done but the plan is to do all the bases for a brigade as one big sweep. Now I will start on the 19th Tennessee that was the second regiment that lead the attack on the union troops along side the 15th Mississippi and was part of Zollicoffers brigade.
Here are some pictures of the regiment:
A command base
The Regiment. It was the largest regiment at the battle with about 850 men. Other sources state that the regiment only had around 500 men active at the battle but I have chosen to use the larger number at this time.

Roll sixes/

2 kommentarer:

  1. Your photoskills arent at the same level as your paintingskills! ;)

    ...well I am of to write something for the gothcon folder!

    1. Be nice now Johan :) … But you're right, my photo skill is at best, bad. I usually blame the equipment that I use, but that is not the whole truth, sadly…

      Of with you I need a mail with the text for GothCon ASAP!