fredag 20 december 2013

A matter of scale

When I started with miniatures they were in 1/72 scale. After a while I discovered 28mm in the form of Space Marines and such things. I started buying 25mm dixon miniatures ACW. In those days 25mm was 25 and have now grown to 28 and in some cases even 30. The interesting thing here thou is that the miniatures have grown larger but I started buying smaller. I have a lot of 28mm in secret storage spaces but I don't paint them any more. Instead I started out with 15mm. Smaller scale means smaller playing area and easier to paint... Or...
I now have a lot of 15mm and I paint them much the same as I would a 28mm, buttons and three layers etc. the armies needed to be larger since the rules I was to play needed that to work. So instead of four 28mm on a base I used eight to ten miniatures on a base. Now I have gone down to 10mm and have found a system were I don't need that many miniatures on a base, Volley & Bayonet. I also started to paint for gaming instead for the cabinet! At last I could get the miniatures of the painting table and on to the board and play larger historical battles. Then I get some relapse and paint some other scales to. At the moment I am in one of those moments and I am repainting some of my old 25mm Dixon miniatures. But my 10mm for V&B and HRR gets some paint on them to but not that frequent. I have shown you one of the repainted confederates and soon to union soldiers will be done and I will show them here.
The holiday are closing in on us all and visitors, eating and gifts etc will probably delay my painting but I already know that I will get some good books... It was a long time since I was so focused on the civil war now if I also could focus on just one ruleset and one scale...
After the holiday I will order some 6mm ACW from Adler just because I have to try and paint the little buggers. What got me to this was some really nice pictures on the forum of webbsite. I will base them for Fire & Fury, why stick to a single set of rules... But Osprey are about to give out a new ruleset "Across a deadly field" that looks really interesting so maybe they will be for that ;)

Have a merry christmas and do try to get some games going to!

Roll Sixes/

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