tisdag 10 december 2013

A bit of progress

Well the work goes on, at a slower pace at the moment but still forward. I have also a lot of different things at the table right now. This little comment will be about the work on the Corinth board so you all can see that I don´t have abandoned my post on this one.

I have now drawn all the hills, roads, streams etc on the board and are going to build up the hills with cardboard in layers. I am also thinking a lot about how I will do the railroads which is not an easy nut to crack. If anyone out there have a suggestion please feel free to post it in the comment field below. When all the ground work are done on the board I will paint it and I do not use flock on the board. I did it on the forrest on my Perryville board but not on my Bull Run board and I think I will leave it out this time to.

Here are a pictures on the Corinth board and also on my two other boards so you can see what I am aiming for.
Here is the Corinth board. The houses are 6mm houses witch works perfectly in this scale. The three houses shall represent the town of Corint.
This is the Perryville board. A small board, only 48x48cm and perfect for introducing new players since it is so small. There are not much movement before you begin fire away at each other. The confederates are on the offensive and the union tries to hold the line. 
This is me on Gubbspels Galore 2012 were I did a demo of the rules Volley & Bayonet road to glory with Perryville. I had a good time and played a lot :). 

Since I had made Perryville I learned how to do hills and water in a, according to me, better way. On Perryville I had used foam for hills but that was not so good. To Bull Run I used cardboard in layers which was much better. But the thing that made the biggest differens was how I painted the board. Perryville is a flat green color but on Bull Run I used a different technique and highlighted the board with lighter green and even lighter green on the top of the hills so they should stand out more. 
Here you can see me and my Bull Run Demo on GothCon 2013. The board is only 72x108cm. I could have 6 players in the demo, two confederate generals and four union. I had players the whole convention and had a lot of fun. I tried to tell the players that they could not communicate with each other so they had do plan before and then it was every general for himself. The players could talk to each other if their generals was in base to base contact. 
The one thing I don´t like with the board are the woods. But I hope I will be able to find a better solution on the Corinth board.
Here you get a different angle on the Bull Run board.

Well this was all for this time. The "little" post grew...

Roll Sixes/

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  1. I must apologize for the size of the photos. They are large, I know. Will see what I can do about it in later posts.

  2. The new board, the Corinth one, how big will that be?

  3. That board will be 72x72cm so a bit smaller than the Bull Run board. I have also divided the Corinth board in four parts so it, hopefully, will be easier to store.

  4. Kind of envious of the scale, alot easier to bring with you, than a 120x180 cm 28 mm table!