onsdag 25 december 2013

The Library expands

It is nice with christmas. I got some new books for present off my wives parents. Oohh o well I gave them a little tip off the books but I got what I wanted at least... Anyway I got a book by Bernard Cornwell, the first book in the Starbuck Chronicles , Rebel. I like the Arthur saga from mr Cornwell and I hope this will be as good. I also got a book from Osprey about Jacksons Valley Campaign which looks really promising.

My son also got me a present. It is not from the American Civil War but it is an american thing anyway and I hope you forgive me my little detour from the subject ;).

It was fun to build and my son has it figured out since he knows that he gets to play with it!

Well I'm off to read some. But I need to finish the book about Perryville to.

Roll Sixes/

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