fredag 13 december 2013

A return to the past

I was inspired when I was writing about my earlier games. I have now repainted an old Dixon miniature that I have had in my possession for a long time. So soon I have painted a 28mm ACW miniature again. I can tell you all that it was a long time since that happened last. I know, I know keep focus on the task at hand you say. But I could not resist, I had to do it. But I have also painted on my 10mm, only not so much...
Well here are a before and after picture of the miniature. He is painted as a confederate soldier.
You have seen this picture before in this blog. He was painted 20 years ago at least and I was very happy with it at the time. 
Here he is in his new colours of 2013.
He needs some more paint to be done but I could not wait to show him ;). 

Roll sixes/

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