tisdag 25 mars 2014

New markers

The work to be ready for GothCon continues. Soon the battlefield will be done and I have started to do the defenses that surrounded the town of Corinth. On the battlefield I still have to do the rest of the railroads and then paint the sides of the board black.
Here is a picture of the board and you can also see were the defenses will be. I have come a bit further than the picture suggest. The roads and streams are all done and even the gloss varnish on the streams are applied :)

In Volley & Bayonet a brigade can be disordered and then permanent disordered. Earlier I have shown the status of a brigade with beads. A yellow bead för disorder and then a red bead for the permanent disorder. The beads have worked fine but they leave some wishes about the visual appearance of the game. So I have started to do some new markers for the game. Inspired by the rules "Alter of Freedom". The disorder marker will be a fallen soldier on a round base. None of these are done yet but I have prepared the miniatures. Then we have the permanent disorder which is a banner fallen to the ground on a round base. We all know that it is worse to lose the banner than a few soldiers... I hope these new markers will improve the visual appearance of the game and don´t hinder the game to much. To much clutter on the game board can slow down the game. But the only difference here is that the new markers are bigger than the beads.
And at last some picture of the new markers.
Here is a union brigade that has both a disorder and a permanent disorder marker on it in the bead form... The disorder marker can the brigade recover from but the permanent marker can as it name suggests never be removed and the brigade lose its effectiveness because of it. 
Here are two pictures of the new permanent disorder markers that I have done. I have at the moment only twelve done, six for each side. I need to do some more but don´t have bases too do it so I need to order some more.

The marker can be laid behind the brigade or on the label on the base. I can also fit two markers on top of a base. 

Well that was all for now so until then...

...Roll sixes!


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  1. Nice markers. I've used beads and pipe cleaners. I am planning to soon start a marker project, figures painted in either green, red or yellow uniforms to mark stationary, permanently disordered, and disordered. I don't want them to look gaudy, but they will need to be noticeable.
    This is an excellent blog

  2. Thanks Mike!
    The stationary marker still eludes me off how I want to do it. But I am thinking about doing some small field works like things that I can put in front off the brigade. But still need to test it.

  3. Greate Conny that you make "proper" markes, gives a much better look of the gaming table.

    Best regards Michael

  4. Great markers, i use colord glas beads for disordered markers...

  5. Thanks for the kind remarks!