torsdag 13 mars 2014

Slowly taking shape

The work on the Corinth board continues. I have now made a descision on the railroad and are going to build it directly on the board. The painting off the open fields and the woods are done and I have started on the roads. I am also planing on how to make the defence systems that was built around Corinth. They will be removable so I can use them in other scenarios.
My work table all cluttered with work material.
Close up on one of the four parts that will be the battlefield of Corinth.
Two of them togheter so you can see how they fit.
The start of my railroad. I will try to use some wire for the tracks.

I am along with this process also thinking about making terrain in a more traditional way. That is terrain pieces that I can put on the table in different ways to create new battlefields.

Here is a last shot on the confederates waiting to get some paint on them.
Two batteries, one cavalry and one dismounted cavalry. Not that much...

Roll Sixes/

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