onsdag 19 mars 2014

Train are running down the track

Hi all

Just a quick note on the progress of the board. I have now started on the railroad for real. It is done on one off the pieces and now I only have to clip some more little sticks to use as  sleepers that the track from wire can rest on.

Here are two pictures of the progress. At the moment two pieces of the board are done and I have now started to paint the edges black on them. On the other two I am still on the roads, but one of the tracks on one piece are almost done.

Tuuu! Tuuu! I can hear the train coming down the tracks... (sorry about that...)

I have also started on some new markers for Volley & Bayonet and Alter of Freedom. I will show you some pictures when I have them.

Roll sixes/


3 kommentarer:

  1. It looks very good, but as an former rail surveyor I must say I am a bit worried about the tracks by the hill! ;)

  2. Great looking railroad track

  3. Johan do you mean that my engineering is at fault here... I know, I know it is a bit dangerous to run a train down these tracks but we all need excitement in the every day life.

    Thanks Hobbyworker, took some time to do it but I think it went alright and was worth it.