fredag 4 april 2014

Oh no disorder are coming my way


Well now I have done some disorder markers and have enough miniatures to make 10 more. It aint no fancy stuff, just a wounded or killed soldier on a round base. I try to keep it simple so the markers will be ready for GothCon. This week the board had to stand back for the miniatures so that I get all the southern troops I need and the dismounted union cavalry. Hopefully the confederates will be done after this weekend and I can start to work with the board again. It is still only the railroads left but it is time consuming to do them in the way I have chosen.

Here are some pictures of the new markers:

Here are the ones that are done. I will get a coat of matt varnish on them and they are done for now. All these are from Miniatures Figurines 12mm range.

Here are the rest of them, these are from Pendraken Miniatures.

The thought here is that these will also be used for "Alter of Freedom". But hopefully more about that  later. After GothCon the plan is to do some games with these rules.

Here the brigade has got a disorder marker on it. I think it looks alright?

This brigade is in trouble since it is routed. When the commander get it in order again the fallen soldier will be removed and the fallen banner be left on the base to mark it as permanently disordered and therefore very fragile and not much to count on for the rest of the battle.

I have also found another company in the UK that does some ships for the ACW, But they are in the 1/1200 scales therefore much smaller than the Peter Pig ones. But I can´t get any pictures of their ships so if anyone reading this knows anything about the company please tell me if it is a "yes" or a "no" ordering from this company.

Until next time...

...Roll sixes!

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