söndag 2 mars 2014

Labels, paint and stress

Hello all

Well the work continues but not at the speed that I had hoped for. The renovation of the basement takes its time and the garden looks like the no mans land during world war one. But I have started to paint the Corinth board. I still have a problem with how I will make some railroads. There is companies that sell railroads but then comes the problem of making them fit the board. At the moment I am thinking about cutting a lot of toothpicks and start glueing... oh well we will see what happens in due time.
The labels on the other hand are going fine and they are done. There will be some small adjustments when I find them. They are difficult to get right since the armies involved had a complicated structure since the north had two armies intermingled and the same in the south. But I think I have a nice set up of it now.
Here you have a picture of some of the labels. I always try to find pictures of the commanding officers since I think it improves the labels some. I also have all information on the labels that the players need. DG for example stands for Dedicated Guns. The number in the square just to the right of the nations flag is the moral value for the brigade and so on. The color at the bottom of the label shows what corps or in this case what army the brigade belongs to. The number in the colored space to the right of the label are what division the troops belongs to. 

It is 46 days to GothCon and I still need to paint and base the last confederates that I need. I have prepared them so I hope I will manage to get the painting going this week. The Corinth board must be done to. So a bit stress there is but I am fortunate to have a week of from work just before GothCon so I am not that worried just jet. 

I have completed the book "A landscape turned red" to. It was a good read and even that you know how the battle went you hade some Aha experiences. So I recommend the book for all that are interested in the american civil war to read!

Next time I hope I have some pictures of the board to show you all, but until then...

Roll Sixes/

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  1. I'm interested in how you make those beautiful labels... what program do you use?

  2. Hi insights
    I use the program Keynote which are about the same as PowerPoint to all off you PC people out there. My bases are small so the labels are only 3x1,5 cm for a brigade and even smaller for the commanders, artillery etc. But still I think they work fine. If you want some labels just email me and I can send you the ones I have got at the moment in .pdf format.

  3. Hi Conny, do you know what font you used for the labels?



  4. Hmm sorry Steve I don´t really know but I will look in to it!