fredag 21 februari 2014

How to make a base

Hi again

The union have now got some more troops. I had forgot that the cavalry could dismount so I still need to do some dismounted cavalry. The bases are done and I thought that I would tell you how I do this. 
Here are the finished division commander. But he is not ready for the board just jet. So here we go:
All the bases on the miniature are done. Now starts the making of the larger base were I can put my labels. 
I start with cutting out some OH-paper to the base sizes I intend to use.
I will cover the larger base with this OH-paper with some super glue. Important here is to not get glue were the labels are going to be. I always paint the place for the label. Blue for the union and grey for the confederate.
You see here how I try to keep the glue at the front of the base. After this I glue the base with miniatures on this base. Same here keep the glue at the front!
Now I have a lip at the back of the base were I can put the label I need dependent on the scenario.
I can also mark the base with an OH-penn. 

This time I used a different kind of base that made this process more easy. Earlier  I have used a base made of white plastic that I needed to paint the edges on and cut to size. Now I bought bases from Pendraken and they are excellent. The edges are a bit darker and the base is about 1mm higher but I can live with that ;). Here are a final picture of all the new troops.
Now it is time to start preparing the confederate troops that I need. But I have also put a flag on some confederate troops to HRR to. 

That was all for now. The labels to Corinth are all but done. I will give you a picture as fast as I have one.

Roll sixes/

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