söndag 16 februari 2014

Thinking ahead

My house is in chaos still and my wargame room  aka "The Bunker" are up side down and therefore I have trouble to work on my project for GothCon. I have managed to salvage some items up in the house so I can paint and base some miniatures anyway. But the board has been put on hold at the moment. Hopefully my basement will be finished at the end of next week and life return to normal pace.

But now to the headline of this post. I have already decided what the next project are going to be after GothCon2014. The project will then be the demo I will show up at GothCon2015. If all goes faster than I plan maybe I can show it at Gubbspels Galore 2014, but I think that can be difficult.
Anyway the new project are one that I have thought of a long time and it is Naval and river combat with Ironclads and ships. I asked a question at the forums at The Miniatures Page about rules and got many, many answers, thanks to the kind gentlemen. I also found some blogs about this topic and darn there are many talented war gamers out there!
For the moment I am reading rules and searching for miniatures. There are many good companies in the US making fine looking boats. But, and that is a large BUT, it is very expensive to order from Europe with tax and shipping etc. So at the moment I am looking at Peter Pigs range 7 that have nice looking boats and accessories like forts and land batteries. The rules I read are at the moment are River Wars by Bob Johnson. They have a nice lay out and are easy to read.

The second rule set are Victory on the River by David Manley. I have not read that much of them so can't say so much. But I got them for free on the internet. I am also thinking about buying the rules from Peter Pig, Hammerin  Iron 2.

Well time will tell what rules I will go for. There are a lot of rules out there and I am still looking and reading reviews etc.

Here are some pictures from Peter Pigs range. I have taken the photos from their webbsite so they are not mine.

The work will now continue with basing of the union troops and I can soon show you some picture of them. The labels to the Corinth scenario are also soon ready to use and I will let you all have a sneak peak of them to :). Some more troops have landed in my mailbox to so now I can make 10 brigades more for the union and the confederates.

Roll sixes/

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