söndag 9 februari 2014

Work on all fronts

At the moment there are work on all fronts. My basement are at the moment a workplace and in my garden I have an excavator digging all along my house to improve the drainage. This makes it difficult for me to get to my bunker and work on the board and miniatures to GothCon.

But all is not lost and some work has been done and GothCon draws near...
Here you have the board with hills and edges to the streams done.
Here I have used wall filler to smooth the edges.

The difficulty now will be how to make a railroad that fits the board. I have some ideas and have got some good advices at some forums. Oh well that comes later. Anyone have a good idea about this please write a comment about it.

I have done little on the bases for my union troops but have none the less made some small progress.
All bases has got some gravel on them and I have started to paint them. I also started to do some new labels for the scenario. I am trying to make them more clear as of what formation the different brigades belongs to. I will put up pictures of them when I have some.

Roll Sixes/

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