tisdag 27 maj 2014

Were did the ship go?

Good evening to you all

At the moment I am done with three more Dixon miniatures that I am re-painting. They are a joy to paint these miniatures with so much character and charm to them. I have also started to prepare some more so that I have more on the table for the times when I need a break from the other project. How does it go with the ships you might ask? Well not that well. I have never painted ships in this scale before and are unsure of how to proceed with it all. Should I prime them black, brown, red? I am a bit lost here. I have also searched the internet for what colors the USS Hartford had in 1860:s and found a lot of pictures with the ship in different colors so I also need to decide here also. I will return here as fast as I can with pictures of a ship! Next week will be ships week.

Anyway here are some pictures of my new set of Dixon miniatures. Soon I need to decide what to do with them, or do I?

Here you have a picture of the old painting. The idea here is to show you a before and after photo of them. So stay tuned...

The one to the left will be a confederate and the one to the right will be... you guessed it! a union officer.

So until next time keep...

Rolling sixes!

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  1. Looks great Conny!
    If you get your ships painted I could paint my Dreadfleet and we can have a proper battle? ;)