söndag 18 maj 2014

Sail on the horizon

At the beginning of last week I got a small box in my mail box. I had ordered some boats from Peter Pig and hoped that it was this order that had arrived, and it was :).

In the box there was four ships, USS Hartford, USS Cairo, CSS Drewry and CSS Selma. 

I have also begun to read the rules, River Wars in earnest to get a grip of what I needed. If I had been an organised person I would have read the rules first and chosen ships that there was stats for in the rules. But no... I had to buy ships that there was no data cards for in the rules. O well, I will figure it out some day. USS Cairo at least was in the rules. At the moment I have contacted a Scott Mingus that has a blog were he writes a lot about the rules and I hope he may have some advice for me, http://scottmingus.wordpress.com/category/civil-war-wargaming/acw-naval-gaming/ .

I have started to assemble the USS Hartford since it was such a nice model. No bigger problems to put together but I have 6 guns, 2 large and 4 small that I don´t really know were to put on the model.

I have also, like so many of us in this trade, started a bit to many project at once. But I am slowly working my way trough them. On my painting desk there are at the moment three confederate Dixon miniatures and four bases that are supposed to be HQ bases for Alter of Freedom so I can play test it with style.

That was all for now but I will return, soon I hope, with more pictures of soldiers and ships that are done. But until then keep on...
...rolling sixes!

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  1. "I have also, like so many of us in this trade, started a bit to many project at once."
    ...its an addiction!

  2. River Wars is not designed for Civil War oceanic or harbor battles. It is meant for Mississippi River fighting. Hence, the Hartford and similar ships are not included in the cards. However, it's relatively easy to design your own cards to include whichever ships you so choose.

  3. That is true Scott and I thank you for the help with Hartford. I bought the ships before I had read the rules properly. I will pick this up again hopefully soon. I still have the intention to a demo of the rules at GothCon in Gothenburg next year.