tisdag 10 juni 2014

Somethings stirs in the basement

Well I have at last started to paint some on the Hartford. I have done test paintings on the deck and trying to learn how to approach this kind of model. I have never painted ships before and not a ship with this many little details. I do not know what colours to use and I really don´t know what colours things should be. So you can understand that I have some trouble to get this going. But I have started to read about civil war naval warfare and am starting to learn. 

I also keep painting on the 25mm Dixon miniatures. They are a joy to paint still and if I should be honest to you I paint a little to much on them... At the moment there is a cavalry miniature on the table. I have painted him as a confederate soldier with butternut jacket and brown pants. I am done with the trooper and have started on the horse.

I plan to use the Dixon miniatures in some sort of skirmish game. I have not decided on the rules jet. I will play a game of Bonnie Blue just for old times sake but after that I don´t know. O well you can have worse dilemmas than have rules to chose. At the moment I have three rule sets I want to try and hope I will be able to do that during the summer break.

I also found these two photos taken by a friend. He said I could use them here if I wanted. They are from GothCon this year and shows one of the game sessions that i ran.

Thats all for now so until next time...

...Roll sixes!


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