tisdag 6 maj 2014

More Dixon done

Now the exhaustion from GothCon have gone away and I am again taking a grip on my painting schedule. O well I am trying anyway... I have now completed three more Dixon 25mm ACW. I also have three more on the painting table ready to get some paint on them. The three that are done are some union troops. When I have some more confederates I can start to test a small idea that I have, but more of that at a later time.
Here you have some pictures of the miniatures:

I have also ordered some boats from Peter Pig for my river combat project and am anticipating their arrival in a couple of weeks.

On the reading front I have now read all the books about Starbuck by Connolly that I had. I shall buy the last book in the beginning of summer to have a good read at the start of vacation. But at the moment I am reading Shenandoah 1862 by Peter Cozzens. I am only at the first chapter but it seems it will be a good read this to. 

I am also preparing some HQ bases for "Alter of Freedom". When they are done me and a friend will test the Corinth scenario with the rules. I have rather high hopes for these rules and hopefully they will deliver what I want. Until next time...

...Roll Sixes/

4 kommentarer:

  1. Great looking models Conny.

  2. Thx! I like these miniatures a lot and am doing my best to make them look good.

  3. Really nice! The second one is awesome...

  4. Thx Phil a friend of mine said the second one looked like Christopher Walken, don´t know I agree with him :)