onsdag 23 april 2014

It is done

Well GothCon anyways...

It was really fun at GothCon, as it is every year. I had three scheduled demo games at the convention. Two on friday and one on saturday. I had people wanting to play every time. On the third game I had seven people taking care of one division each at it was glorious confusion all over the place, loved it and I think the players liked it to. On saturday I was asked if I could do one more game. We decided that we should have a go at sunday morning so at sunday I had one extra demo game for two people who was interested in the rules and game mechanics of Volley & Bayonet. I did not do the Corinth demo then but instead I tried the rules for setting up quick battles from the rule book. That opened my eyes to the possibilities of the rules for real. So now I have to paint some more troops, can´t have enough of them buggers.

I am also preparing to do Corinth once more but with the Alter of Freedom rules. Hopefully it will happen in just a few weeks. Need to get some HQs done first.

Here are some pictures from GothCon:
My corner at the convention.

Union defenses and the town of Corinth in the background.

The Rebels are preparing to attack head on!

The initial assaults makes a breakthrough in the union line.

Cavalry to the rescue.

It was a really fun time leading the game. In only one of the games the confederates managed to take Corinth. But at that time they had all their divisions exhausted and the union still had to fresh divisions so I declared it a draw.

Well of to the painting table to get some more paint on miniatures...

Roll sixes/

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  1. A great looking Volley & Bayonet game. I look forward to reading additional reports on your V&B games.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. I am hoping to get some games going during the summer break.