fredag 11 april 2014

7 days to go


Now it is only seven days left to GothCon. All my miniatures are painted. The labels are done. I have done markers, fortifications and a turn table to keep track of the time. The battlefield are soon done to. The railroad are still left to do but I feel confident that I will make it in time. Next week I will start to re-read the rules and look up scenario specific rules. I am also preparing to do a play test of the "Alter of Freedom" rules to. They have a nice small scenario of Kernstown on their webbsite that I intend to do. But I need to paint some more troops before I can do it, as always you can never have enough troops. The only thing that is of concern here are that all my brigades are 3x3cm and the brigades for AoF are 6x3cm. Well you say just put to brigades together and it is done. Yes I could do that but then I would only have half of everything and then I must paint a lot more than I do now. So I will try the rules with smaller bases and hope it works ok anyway.

Here are some pictures of some finished stuff.

The last miniatures that I needed for the scenario. I gave the cannons brass barrels to get some color to the artillery bases. I think it works fine.
All new markers that I have done. I will do more of these since I can use them to more rules than just Volley & Bayonet RtG. They were also rather simple to do and I hope they will enhance the gaming experience.
Here are some fortifications that I made. The town of Corinth was fortified by the confederates and when the town was captures by the union they used the defenses to. I made all these in the same length and think that I can use them in other scenarios when that time comes.
This is half of the board all done. The only thing that needs to be done are to varnish it all with a matt varnish. I also need to paint one more house for the town and that house is half finished at the moment. I also need to do some bridges but that wort take that long in this scale.

That was it for now so keep on gaming and maybe I see you at GothCon!

Roll sixes/

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