onsdag 1 oktober 2014

It´s been a while

Ooo well work take it´s toll on me and my hobbies. I have done some painting and prepared more Dixon miniatures. The focus has been to finish of the miniatures I need to play test the Corinth Scenario with the "Alter of Freedom" rules. I am getting close but I have a lot of real live stuff to take care of also. I know, many of us have that problem. I am not complaining I am just sharing with you all why it takes some time to get things done. I have also for the last two months explored other parts of the gaming hobby, this in the form of card games like "A Game of Thrones LCG" and "Star Wars LCG" and soon the new LCG 40K Conquest. I don´t have that much time to put into my hobbys since the kids needs help with homework, food must be put on the table etc etc, well you have to live to, don´t you :).

Also a friend of mine have lured me into a new smaller project that we have been planing and now executing for some time. It is a miniatures game set in the world of Westeros and "Game of Thrones" in 6mm. Since this blog are about my ventures in the ACW you haven´t seen any of this here. Maybe in the future I will expand the content of the blog to also be about all of my crazy ongoing project that very rarely gets done... I am like a small child in the candy store and can´t really choose what I want so I go for everything. But ACW has been a long runner for me and I will soon return there in full.

Here are some pictures anyway of what I have done sone far.
The gun crew are going to be painted as union.
I will paint this one as a confederate cavalry trooper.

Here you have the HQ for "Alter of Freedom" and one more brigade for the union to complete the forces for the Corinth Scenario. Not that much left to do. But still got to do it...

Until next time keep rolling them...



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