lördag 23 augusti 2014

Work as usual

Well my vacation is over and it is back to the mine. This does that a bit less are done in the basement but it is not standing still anyway. I have now almost cleared the whole room out and are going to buy paint for the celling at the end of the month. Doing this hobby and living in boxes is not a good combination…

But I still get some paint on the miniatures, but at the moment theres is almost only terrain for my 28mm on the agenda. I have done some more worm fencing, but damaged to give some variation to it. I have also started to make some rail fences. Only three at the moment but at least three more are to be done. They were a bit more complicated than the worm fence but not much.
I have also started to plan how to build the first house to this project. I was on a start up conference with work and found that they had small wooden sticks that you have in you're coffee to stir. The looked to be perfect to use for walls on model houses. I started to take a few every time I passed and I also got my colleagues to take some for me. Now I have a lot of those to build from :) I need to find were I can buy thees things since I think they will work very well to build from. In the past I have build houses from cardboard and it is a pain in the **** to cut out strips of cardboard to get to the walls. But I am still to test this so I will return on the matter.

My goal is to get a house in the style of the Henry House from Bull Run. It won´t be exactly as this house but I use it as reference for my own building.
Here you can see some drawings from the early planing stage. I have also made a test wall from the sticks just to see how it could be.

O well, time to sleep… keep…

…Rolling sixes!


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  1. Thx Hobbyworker, I hope I will get them right even with some paint on...