onsdag 26 november 2014

Still here

Well hi there

Things are sadly going slow here in the bunker. I am now painting at a larger scale since the bunker needed some new paint as well. 
And since work and family takes its time it goes slow with painting miniatures. But there are some light in the darkness! I am done with the miniatures for the Corinth scenario for Alter of Freedom and hopefully I will be able to play it soon and do an AAR of the game. I have also managed to do some work on the bases on my HHR miniatures.

I will make a slight change to the blog also. My intention was to make this blog only about my ACW projects but... I am a wargamer and when I get a new magazines or find a new rule set or whatever inspires me I change focus, its sad I know but there you have it, just like a child in a toy store… So I will start to write about the project at hand is the idea here.

I will show you all what I have been doing soon. It has with Westeros to do and is in 6mm.
Now that DBA 3.0 are coming I will probably fall for that one to… :) I have some armies all ready but I am very tempted to make new armies in 6mm. I have also started some Austrian Generals and officers for the Napoleonic wars in 10mm. They are from Old glory grand scale. I like these miniatures a lot. They are easy to paint and look good on the table.
So there you have it. I will try to blog more frequently again but to be honest I need to get done with the Bunker so things start to spinn again in the hobby world of Conny.

Until next time keep rolling…



3 kommentarer:

  1. Looking good. Keep upp the good work!!! I will be following your projects from now on.hälsningar från Lund!/Peter

  2. Thx Peter! Half of the bunker is now painted so soon I can start paint the important stuff again! ;)

  3. Keep up the good work Conny!
    Its looks great i even fix me a own copy of the rules of Altar of Freedom so next year there might be a army for me to.
    But first there be some SAGA and Lion Rampant in 15mm