torsdag 23 januari 2014

Taking shape

The union troops are coming along nicely. Only have two cannons and some metal to paint and they are done. I will do a step by step of how I base the miniatures for Volley & Bayonet when that step are to be done. Hopefully that will happen after the weekend. I am still reading "Landscape turned red" and I must say that it is a good read. Sears write well and you as a reader are drawn in to the battle of Antietam. If you have not read it I think you should just because it is a good book.
At last some pictures of the union troops soon to be ready for the table.
The new brigade general that I need.
The tree cavalry miniatures I need to do one more cavalry brigade.
The crew to one of the batteries that need for the scenario.
I blurry picture of a sharpshooter. I need one skirmish base for the scenario and they apparently were western sharpshooters. I went for the green just for the fun of it. Don't know if it is the right colour thou. 
I made a question about skirmishers at the Volley & Bayonet yahoo page some time ago. It turned ugly so please it is just a game and I wanted to paint some skirmishers, thats all.

Roll sixes/

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