tisdag 14 januari 2014

More troops coming along

At last I have managed to base the last batch of miniatures to HRR that I had painted. Well base and base... they are not done just glued in place. Now I need to take a paus from HRR to prepare everything to GothCon2014. I have a battlefield to do and some additional troops for both sides. This will take the first place in the production line. I also have some 25mm standing at the ready when I need a quick break from the 10:s.
Anyway here are some pictures of the new regiment and also a group photo of the brigade. I need one more regiment of six bases and then Zollicoffers brigade are done.

This regiment are 6 bases strong also and the miniatures are from Pendraken and Old Glory 10mm. Nice little fellows to paint.

Here is the brigade and I think that it starts to look a little impressive anyway... ;)

I have finished the book "Rebel" by Bernard Cornwell and must admit that I enjoyed it immensely. Cornwell writes well and has characters that you want to follow just to see what will happen to them. There was some moments in the book that was a bit boring to read but the overall impression are that if you haven´t read the book, do it, I mean NOW.

Now I have started to read this book:

This was one of those book you start to read and can´t put down. I have not come that far in it yet and will tell you all later what I thought about it. But I think I will really like this book to. Sears writes very good!

Roll Sixes/

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