torsdag 22 januari 2015

I have made a list

Well I have had a bit of a painting depression lately. Not much have been done and I have to many projects bouncing around in my head and can't seem to start anything up. I also have a lot of projects just lying around and taking focus from me. It had been a lot of boardgames and card games instead. But in an effort to break the standstill I have made a list of things that needs to be done. Soon there is a large convention in Gothenburg and I have some things that needs to be finished for the convention. Hopefully my list will get me going. I will try to post here what has been painted and it is a lot of different things to say the least.
I will give you some pictures of the things I have painted. The miniatures are from Mantic Games and for the game Deadzone. Not the best miniatures but they are ok and easy to paint. 
My weakness as a wargamer is and have always been making terrain and a lot of my projects right now are at that crucial moment when you need something to play on. The miniatures are done but it is a sad sight to play around books and cereal boxes.

But now me and my list will go down to the bunker, that has a new table, and start working.

Until next time keep rolling those sixes!


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  1. Nice work, and i hope you find something you like to make.