söndag 8 november 2015

How is it going with the woods?

Hi again

Well this weekend I have started on some prototypes to use as woods on my table. I wanted woods with a canopy that troops could move through and hide under. Usually woods are represented by a couple of trees standing in an designated area. I still have to mark the edge of the woods but I hope that these larger areas will look more lika a forest than some scattered trees. The problem I faced was the cost. I used some cheap mdf for the base of the canopy. Then in the guides I had read they used woodland scenic material for the leafs. But that is expensive stuff! I got hold on some pillow stuffing really cheap (found it on my work...) my idea here is to thin wood glue with water and then dreanch the pillow stuffing in small balls in it. Put it on the mdf and let dry. My first thought was that I had thinn it to much but it stuck on. The next step is to get some dark green sprey and make a base coat on the canopy. And to round it of some pictures.

Hope I don't get lost in the woods. Until the next time keep rolling sixes.

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