måndag 14 juli 2014

The Heroes emerge

Well hello again

Now the heroes for my skirmish bands are done. My 25mm Dixon re-painting has taking over a bit on the painting table. This happens to me a lot, a project starts off as a side show to do when I need some distraction from the ordinary painting and then I find my self doing more on that project than the one I was supposed to do. Anyway at the moment I have prepared to do some more 10mm so I finally can do a play test of "Alter of Freedom". At least the labels for the Second battle of Corinth are done.

Here are some pictures of the heroes...

I also needed some characters that I could use in some scenarios. I had three miniatures at home from Wargames Foundry. They were meant to be for London 1890-ish but I thought that I could use them anyway so I went for it. The miniatures are a bit larger than the Dixon ones but since I base them individually I think it will work ok. One is done and the other two are to be base coated.
I call him "The Imp". A fun miniature to paint with a lot of character to him. I went for neutral colors so I could use him for both sides. The same will go for the other two.
Then I wanted to do some cards for the rules "Bonnie Blue". When the rules came out 1992 you had a A5 sheet were you recorded what you needed to during the game, like ammo, action points and wounds. I wanted to have cards for each character so I made some. I still need some more cards but most of them are done.
I like to have the different things in my games to have the same theme. So I made to dice boxes that I could use to roll dice in. One for the union and one for the confederates. I also got some new dice for them. The colors is not right. I wanted a color more of olive green but it will do for now.

Here are also some labels I have done to the scenario second battle of Corinth for "Alter of Freedom"

Thats all for now. Until next time...

... Roll sixes!


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