lördag 19 oktober 2013

Production line!

The production line is in effect! I will start with the 15th Mississippi infantry regiment of about 850 men. In the rules one base of infantry is 120 men so the regiment will be seven bases strong. I always have a base coat of brown. It gives the colours a nice tone and some shadowing.
Well back to the paint desk. Will try to post something of the progress next weekend.

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  1. Med risk för att utsätta mig för plumpna kommentarer från SO-lärarna i min närhet måste jag ändå ställa frågan: Vem är det du föreställer på profilkortet?
    Snygg blogg btw :)

    1. I don´t think that you have to worry about that Lena :). The man on the photo is a Southern General by the name John Bell Hood. He is not as famous as Lee, Jackson, Grant or Sherman. But I have read about him and liked what I read. And more important, he has a very nice beard!

  2. PS Ta bort den där "bekräfta att du inte är en dator-grejen" från kommentarerna. Blir så mkt enklare att kommentera då. DS

  3. Vad är det för regler du använder till ACW?

  4. Hi Magnus
    The rules are a work in progress by some blokes in Gothenburg. I first saw the rules in action at Gubbspels Galore in Gothenburg this year. I liked what I saw and I got a copy of the first writings off the rules, not in any way complete, and started planing. The name of the rules are at present Hardees Regimental Rules. Here is a link to a webbpage about the rules. Go check them out.

  5. Thanks for the link, I'll check through the rules. They seem to be very streamlined.