söndag 1 december 2019

Re-learning the rules...

Starting learning Volley & Bayonet rtg again. Much of it I had all ready but it's always nice to go trough the rules and move some troops around the board and roll some dice.
On turn two of the scenario Stonewall Jackson comes on to the board with one brigade and even the odds a bit.
At the begining of turn four another southern brigade enters the board. By this time the union have moved up the rear most brigade but it is evenly match. Eight federal regiments agains 5 rebel regiments of infantry and 1 rebel cavalry regiment.
By this time I had to put the table away. As all of you wargame dads know, when then children want the space you have to give it to them...
This is my storage solution for my troops. And I have re-painted one more Dixon 25mm cavalry miniature from my past.
Until next time, keep rolling them sixes!

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